Glass Balustrading

Open up the views across your outdoor space with our stylish modern glass and stainless steel balustrades. Whether you are adding the finishing touches to a balcony, terrace, patio or swimming pool area, our top-quality, Italian-engineered stainless steel posts and toughened glass combine style with safety. You can choose from a variety of glass styles, and from a range of substantial traditional steel posts, or wires for a contemporary ‘barely there’ frameless look. Your choice of balustrade will be made to order and installed.

Glass balustrades maximise the perception of space through a modern minimalist appearance, retaining views while providing security and safety for staircases, balconies and decks. These systems provide an enduring architectural feature that enhance and add value to your home. There are various ways we can fit glass balustrades, all of which comply with specifications and requirements of the building codes, and the hardware used is of such quality and style that they are a feature in themselves.

Glass balustrades for all situations

A glass balustrade from Everlast Decking Solutions allows you to enjoy uninterrupted views and provides an essential connection with your surroundings.

Whether it is a residential or commercial glass installation, we have extensive experience and expertise in all areas of glass barrier manufacture and installation including;

  • decks
  • swimming pools
  • fencing
  • stairs
  • glass handrails
  • balconies and landings

We can produce your glass balustrade or barrier in clear or tinted glass. We can also colour your glass barrier to any colour from our extensive colour range blocking the view to undesirable areas.

Customised frameless glass balustrades

At Glass Systems we have an extensive range of glass balustrade styles or we can custom design and build a glass barrier for your situation.

Glass Pool Fences

Glass Systems see through glass pool fences effortlessly combine an adherence to council regulations with uncompromising aesthetics. Your living areas will flow seamlessly into your swimming complex allowing your property’s true features to shine and, for safety’s sake, you can keep an eye on the pool.

Glass barriers – technical stuff

All Glass Systems’ frameless balustrades are in full compliance with British Building Standard Codes.

We use only the highest quality toughened safety glass.